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Understand the Process

Switching your home to natural gas or brand new construction

Congratulations! You are about to enjoy the benefits of natural gas – American, abundant and affordable! 

We want to make this process as easy as possible for you. To install your service on the scheduled date, we need your help. Please complete each of the following steps. Our knowledgeable representatives will help you along the way at any time. Download this same outline in PDF format.

□ Apply for natural gas lines and meter(s) by completing the New Service Line Request form and provide:

  • A link to the developer’s plat submission or an electronic version (Adobe PDF preferred) of your site plan that indicates the preferred gas meter location(s). Keep in mind that the standard natural gas meter location is typically 5 feet (residential) or 10 feet (commercial) from the front corner of the home. 
  • Gas load requirement. You will be asked to list the number and types of natural gas appliances, BTU input for each appliance, delivery pressure per appliance, home square footage and approximate distance from the street to the home. (This information is included in new service line request for residential loads. Commercial loads need to provide link to commercial project data request.) 
□ Expect us to contact you within two business days, or contact our Energy Connections Center directly at 800.599.3770 or G2ConstructionOperat@southernco.com. 

□ Contact your municipality (if required) to inspect the fuel line (pipes inside stubbed out to meter location) for permit.

□ Apply for service with your chosen marketer. Click to find a marketer.

□ Watch for delivery of your natural gas extension contract from us, sign the contract, include any payment owed, if required, and mail the contract back to us so we can apply for a dig permit and schedule installation.

To prepare for the installation, you need to complete the steps below at least two business days prior to meter set schedule date.

□ Complete installation of all external finishes (brick, stucco, cement or vinyl board, etc.) of the home. 

□ Install septic tank or sewer lines in an area that does not conflict with the natural gas line.

□ Clearly mark any private underground facilities (sprinkler system, sewer line, septic tank) with flags or paint.

□ Complete grading for building lot within 2-4 inches of final grade.

□ Clear line route path from street to meter location from all obstructions (structures, construction materials, dumpsters, fences, vehicles, etc.)  NOTE: For subdivisions or single lot new construction, a standard meter will be set when the service lines are installed. An account set-up application must be submitted to your chosen marketer to activate your account.

For conversions or larger meters, you must submit a Large Meter Request application when you are notified of service line installation. The following steps are required as part of this process:

□ Apply for service with your chosen marketer. Click to find a marketer.

□ Have your HVAC contractor contact the local municipality to have fuel lines inspected (if required).

□ Once you submit the form, an Energy Connection Center representative will contact you to schedule the meter set.

□ Mark your fuel lines with the appropriate unit number (if applicable).

□ If appliances require elevated pressure of 2 lbs. or more, install a regulator at each appliance.

□ Verify that no changes have been made to the load and delivery pressure submitted in the application upon scheduling meter set. (Atlanta Gas Light will verify load and delivery pressure on site.)


□ An Atlanta Gas Light Account Executive will review your application, contact you within two business days and either meet with you on site or process your request over the phone.

□ Our Account Executive will process your request for design and approval (takes up to 10 business days).

□ We will send you a natural gas extension contract for signature.

□ Once we receive your signed contract and payment, we will request an easement and a dig permit (if needed) from the municipality.

□ Our contractor will contact GA 811 and request that utility lines are located and marked.

□ Once all of the steps above are complete, we will schedule installation of your natural gas service.

For questions about the status of your service request, please contact our Energy Connection Center at 800.599.3770.