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Supplier Diversity

“Diversifying our supplier base will only happen as a matter of intention, not inertia.”
Melvin Williams, SVP Planning and Business Services

Atlanta Gas Light does business with many contractors and suppliers. As part of the AGL Resources family, we are committed to developing relationships with and increasing opportunities for diverse suppliers that provide quality, competitive prices and services for all of its subsidiaries.

Our Supplier Diversity program is based upon four foundational principles: Advocacy, Development, Procurement and Reporting. We are committed to advocating both internally and externally the use of diverse suppliers, developing them through mentoring, education and training opportunities, procuring goods and services through a diverse network of business partners, and reporting our progress through internal and external mechanisms to ensure our accountability is measured. Together, these principles set the foundation for our success.

We are committed to doing business with a diverse group of qualified companies that reflect our customer base and the areas we serve.  If you are a diverse supplier and would like more information on becoming a business partner with us, click here.    

Questions?  Click here for a list of frequently asked questions and answers.